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November 2017 - Humanitarian crisis in Yemen

Yemen Crisis 2017Yemen - A quarter of the country’s 27 million population live on the brink of starvation, while over 60% are considered food insecure.

More than 3 million children and nursing mothers are acutely malnourished. USAID’s Famine Early Warning Systems Network (FEWSNET) has projected a further deterioration of food security conditions in the medium term, with about two-thirds of the country falling under either the crisis or emergency phases of acute food insecurity during the October 2017-January 2018 period. Health authorities have struggled for years to control chronic malnutrition in Yemen, the Middle East’s poorest country, but the ongoing civil, now well into its third year, has caused food security conditions to worsen dramatically. Current concerns focus heavily on the continued ability of key ports such as Al Hudaydah to handle imported foodstuffs for a country that grows little of its own.

Think about Yemen - consider visit this website and help out how you can. InternationalMedicalCorps.Com

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Yemen relief - for the price of a cup of coffee every day, you could make a difference.