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file Atomic badge: Novate Milanese (Milano)

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13 years 1 month ago #2183 by Atomic Girl
Atomic badge: Novate Milanese (Milano) was created by Atomic Girl
Hi there, can anyone tell me about this Atomic I just brought - has an unusual badge I've never heard of (looks very old - no steamer wand)...thanks...the badge reads:

Brevetti Robiatti
Made in Italy
Novate Milanese (Milano)
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13 years 1 month ago #2184 by Frittibaldi
Replied by Frittibaldi on topic Re:Atomic badge: Novate Milanese (Milano)
I-a weep...
Brevetti Robbiati: Patent held by Signor Giordanno Robbiati. he took-a this patent in 1947.
Made in Italy, this-a means that this non-a-frothing machina was-a made in the boot shape country kicking away in the middle of the blue Mediterranean sea, full with-a the aromas of olives and lemons and beautifull girls....If there is-a small-a B in the middle of the label, this-a means that this particular machine was -a made in....no, e imposssibile, I won't-a tell you, you will have to buy-a my book!...Novate Milanese: New from Milano...you see they translated the word Milanese, it rolls of the tongue.
So, Signorina bella,this does state that you have in your hands an early machina. You take-a care of it well...you capuche bene? You-a never leave the knob on! you must-a promise! Now you know why you didNt hear of this label...it was-a singing the information to you. Ciao bella carrisssima mia. And-a one-a more thing, you go and clck on the home page the word ATOMICA, and fill your soul with the words written-a there.
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9 years 11 months ago - 9 years 2 months ago #4373 by Stella
Replied by Stella on topic Re:Atomic badge: Novate Milanese (Milano)
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