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file Help! Stuck screw!

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11 years 6 months ago #3519 by Nelson
Help! Stuck screw! was created by Nelson
Hey I'm new here :)

So I'm about to start restoring an old atomic, but the screws that hold in the shower plate were so rusted, that when I went to unscrew one of them, that the head came off one of them. There's nothing to grab onto to get it out, and drilling it out it a little tricky as the base would get in the way of a drill...

I've thought of using an Alum solution to dissolve what's left of the screw, but I don't know how to keep it from dissolving the badge at the same time.

Anyone else ever have this same problem?


  • sorrentina
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11 years 5 months ago #3627 by sorrentina
Replied by sorrentina on topic Re:Help! Stuck screw!
Hello there Nelson,

sorry about the delay in this response- but better late than never, eh?

The old broken screw in the head: this happens on many atomics that were poorly stored (always clean and empty the machine after use! Leave the black knob off) Many times they have snapped off just like yours.Often both. There is hope- not to worry!

Were you able to remove the other screw?

If so all the better.

Drilling out the broken screw remains and re-tapping the hole is possible, but extremely tricky to access the location, as you say. Forget about trying to do that (unless you have a skilled machinist at hand with nothing better to do).

But you don't need to worry: the filter plate does not need any screws to hold it in place. A new seal holds the filter plate well enough and when the group is locked in everything is locked water tight. Basically without the screws the filter plate is held in place just as it is in any Bialetti type Italian moka pot- by the seal alone- the set-up is identical. If you have one screw yours will be doubly secure as it is. The screws themselves are almost a bit of over-engineering, and unnecessary, they are very hard to put there...

If you want to get a brand new filter plate with pre-blanked pop-riveted screw hole- (or two blanked holes if need be) and a new food grade silicon seal- you can at www.sorrentinacoffee.com . This will restore your atomic head to perfect working order.
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