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14 years 5 months ago #466 by Guest
Aluminum was created by Guest
I have an Atomic. It has the pressure valve on top. I bought it because it was beautiful, and I liked the name. I have loved the coffee I made in it.

Now, however, I'm a bit edgy about the fact that it is made out of aluminum, and I've tried to eliminate all aluminum contact with my food. I have enough trouble finishing sentences these days. So I find that I have it, I love it, and I'm now afraid to use it.

Does anyone have any REASONABLE comments on the aluminum question. I would prefer statements based in fact, not enthusiasm, since I already have plenty of enthusiasm.

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14 years 5 months ago #467 by Don't worry, be happy!
Replied by Don't worry, be happy! on topic Re:Aluminum
Okay Visitor, when I first started writing about the ATOMIC, I did my best to inform the readers about the low level dangers connecred with aluminum cooking utensils. You want the truth and I'm sure that you can handle it. I tried to find my own scriptures but they are lost in the quagmire of guest pages so I took the liberty of copying the advisory notes of The Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry. Here you go:
The most important way families can lower exposure to aluminum is to know about the sources of aluminum and lessen exposure to these sources. Since aluminum is so common and widespread in the environment, families cannot avoid exposure to aluminum. Exposure to the low levels of aluminum that are naturally present in food and water and the forms of aluminum present in dirt and aluminum cookware is generally not harmful. The best way to reduce exposure to aluminum is to avoid taking large quantities of soluble forms of aluminum such as aluminum-containing antacids and buffered aspirin. Make sure these products have child-proof caps so children will not accidentally eat them. Some soy-based formulas may contain high levels of aluminum, so parents may want to consult with their physician when choosing an infant formula.
This agency has done many, many tests proving what they say.For more info. go to their site. Enjoy your ATOMIC to the fullest, buy fair trade, french roast, and keep that knob off when not in use. Have fun, FrEdErIcK
14 years 5 months ago #468 by colin
Replied by colin on topic Re:Aluminum
Thank-you Frederick!

Well said!

Colin - editor/creator
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