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file Faema Erika

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15 years 2 weeks ago #68 by Annies
Faema Erika was created by Annies

I just got a Faema Erika from someone - my first such device!!!. Everything works fine ie the grinder frother etc.

With great expectation I then went to buy some coffee beans which I promptly grinded and inserted for that perfect cuppa. The brewing started off perfectly for about 2 seconds - nice strong coffee, but then the water (coming out of the 2 \"spouts\") turned clear and kept on like this. The result - almost clear water/coffee. I then emptied the \"thingy\" and grinded more beans and started with the brewing, but once again the same results as above.

Any ideas why???

My apologies for not knowing the \"jargon\" - thus the reason for calling the components \"thingies\" etc.

I also got two \"strainers\"/siffs with the machine. The one is deeper than the other, but the holes seems to be the same size. What are the differences between the two - except for the size.

I hope someone can help as I would love a good cuppa right now.

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15 years 2 weeks ago #73 by colin
Replied by colin on topic Re:Faema Erika
we tossed this back and forth via e-mail yesterday.

I could see nothing wrong here except maybe
for the fact that you might not be putting enough
coffee in the basket AND not tamping at all or enough. :)
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