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exclamation-circle Gaggia "Topazio" overflow Portafilter ??!

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11 years 11 months ago #4014 by dritan
I have a Gaggia "Topazio" and it was working fine untill i opened to clean.
So now the problem is than after making the coffee, the filterholder remains full with water and not only dry residue of cofee like it should be. I tried with different cofee and pressure of the measure, but nothing changes. what may be ?Hi!
I have cleaned this machine totally, And I have seen 2 main parts pump and heater with steam part. So, now when i press coffee button, it first go bleck coffee and after it cames brown to light and when i, remove the PF after making coffee, it is full with water and residue of coffee. I have tried different coffee, different measures, different pressure to the coffe, but it's the same. I have removed the PF and I have tried to see how water Flows, and it was kind of raining, so I think may be Ok thius part. Another thing is that I have seen that it have 2 tubes comming in the water tank, and I think 1 is to take water and the other to recycle the exceed water from the heater, because that tube is hot, but when I shot the coffee, the In-tube takes the water, but out-tube doesn't flow anythink, it is just hot. If it's possible I'll make some photos of this problem.
Thanks, in advance!
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