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file Timing a Shot

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10 years 9 months ago #4301 by PTivvy
Timing a Shot was created by PTivvy
I've been looking all over the net for sites on how to make espresso. I get all the concepts, grind, tamp etc. The concept I don't get is the whole 25-30 seconds for a shot. I don't believe my LELIT has a timer so am I correct in thinking I turn the water on and stop it in 25-30 seconds or is that an oversimplification?

I guess what I'm asking is once everything is in place and I'm ready to start the shot, what next?
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10 years 9 months ago #4303 by brokemusician77
Replied by brokemusician77 on topic Re:Timing a Shot
Hi, welcome to the crew.

Your goal should be to arrive at 1.5-2oz. In 25-30 sec. So, start your machine and your timer at the same time and run it until you hit 2oz. Then, stop the machine and timer and check your timer. Generally speaking, if your time is over 30sec. You need to grind coarser. If it's under 25, you should grind finer.

I say generally speaking, because this will vary depending on your personal tastes, and the blend of coffee you're using. If the shot goes too long, it'll be bitter. Too short, it'll be sour.

What kind of machine, grinder, coffee are you using?
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10 years 9 months ago #4304 by PTivvy
Replied by PTivvy on topic Re:Timing a Shot
I have a brand new, never been used, I'm not sure what I'm doing, Lelit PL51.

I have a Zassenhaus manual grinder that I tested out on the finest setting and boy it is fine. I know most of the things I've read go on about the expensive grinders. But based on some of the images I've seen of espresso grind I think I'm okay. I can squeeze it between my fingers and it will cake but not so fine you can see my fingerprint.

So I guess I should be using shot glasses until I can graduate to the little cups I have when I know what I'm doing.

I do some pretty technical things in my work but man this espresso thing is something else. Good thing I'm anal because I don't think I'd be able to handle it.

Thanks for the tips
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