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file Really confusing coffee sample

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8 years 9 months ago #4643 by Req
Really confusing coffee sample was created by Req

So I have this coffee sample from "Organo Gold" which is supposed to be really good coffee.

Underneath the name (and the whole "Gourmet Cafe Latte" on this package) it says this:

"With 100% certified Ganoderma extract".

What is Ganoderma extract? I don't think I want to be drinking coffee that has had stuff added to it...let alone some 'extract' thing. :sick:

Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks :)
8 years 8 months ago #4644 by colin
Replied by colin on topic Re: Really confusing coffee sample
It is a dried mushroom product -
It is one of the modern snake oil products.
I, too, received a sample of this product.

It is basically instant coffee with powdered mushroom
product added to it... "100% Gando-Whatever" that is...

BUT: There are over 1 dozen chemicals added as a preservative.
I know that I am risking wrath... but...

This Gandoderma Mushroom coffee is utter crap in terms of the
claims that they make.
a.) It is loaded with preservatives.
b.) Sellers insist that you can become a millionaire selling it in less than 29 days
c.) They claim all kinds of health benefits.

You want health benefits? Drink BLACK coffee!

Nothing angers me more than bullshit snake oil vendors hawking
their bullshit products with false claims.

I know what you are thinking: Tell us what you really think Colin!
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