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file importing green beans to USA

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13 years 10 months ago #1443 by Chuck Daehler
importing green beans to USA was created by Chuck Daehler
I have a friend who lives an hour south of me in Ecuador who has a 7000 tree small plantation. It's at 1,400 meters elevation, prime soil, humidity, generally perfect conditions. He has 5 types of highly aromatic Arabica which when mixed makes "nectar of the gods"brew. Now, I have several roasters interested in this production but the production is only some 9,000 kg per year of green beans, some 11,000 with parchment on.

All beans have been depulped before drying and are therefore not dried nor peeled with the dry muscilage on, maximizing on the lack of bitterness of this butternut flavored full bodied hearty-spicy finish coffee blend. All cherries are hand picked, hand inspected, picked only red-ripe and sweet. The depulped beans are float tested for defects and such are skimmed off and discarded to compost.

My questions are the following:
1. Since I will ship green beans (live), when I ship to the USA do I need a permit so as to pass agricultural and customs inspections or does the roaster usually have said permit to import?

2. I would not be able to get a permit frankly as I don't want to take the time and hassle to do so with the U.S. government nor state governments etc.. Then how would I get my beans to the roasters?

3. I want to send 1 kilogram samples of green beans, either peeled or with parchment. In lieu of large shipments, can I do that or is this also restricted vs ag inspectors etc.?

Thank you sirs in advance..wonderful website and forum.

Chuck Daehler
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12 years 8 months ago #2656 by Frederick
Replied by Frederick on topic Re:importing green beans to USA
Thank you Chuck for your trust and I wish you success in your endeavour, nevertheless my mind is twitching to the fact that you should consult the Agriculture Department of the United States.

They will be more apt in answering these questions.
But hey, anytime you have a problem with a loss of pressure in your Pavoni, or a bitter taste in the brew escaping from your frothless Atomic, THIS IS THE PLACE.
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