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file Buying from online vendors

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13 years 3 months ago #2158 by colin
Buying from online vendors was created by colin
Is there anyone out there that buys their beans exclusively online? I am curious.

And I am not looking for names of online vendors - just information on consumer practices.

I hit someones nerve a couple of days ago when I did some research on people who spam or seed guestbooks and forums, promoting one online vendor or another...
What I found surprised and amused me.

Now I know some of you think I get a little obsessed by spammers and forum taggers (and I do...) but you have to remember: Time taken to clean defacements off this forum take time away from me responding to e-mail and writing articles. It is that simple.

Anyhow - what I did find was (after search Google with a couple of keywords based on the spam I was encountering) was that there were over 3000 websites marked with this perculiar spam -- promoting one particular online coffee vendor.

In addition, the english or writing style of all the form entries was the same - the writer was obviously not from North America, English was not their first language AND they learned how to write English from a textbook over 75 years old!

is a fantastic coffee with magical smooth taste. You don't need sugar or milk to enjoy it. And it is really madly popular now.[/i]..

is for special occasions too. When I make it my family has festive mood. Have you tried it? And I never use milk.
has too pure taste to be spoiled by milk or sugar. My husband likes to add it, me - never. I think that \"elite\" coffee doesn't need it.[/i]

went down a bomb at the party we had last week. I can
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13 years 3 months ago #2159 by Zazenmaster
Replied by Zazenmaster on topic Re:Buying from online vendors
I buy my beans pretty much exclusively online in green form, but that's not really the issue.

Colin, if you get torqued and have a heart-attack, we'll loose our best source of coffee info! :ohmy: You've got to chill out about the spam.

If a post is just a plug for a product, your faithful readers will recognize it and either ignore it or think to themselves \"This must be a lame product if the seller has to resort to this kind of advertising!\".

Even if your readers are swept up in a moment of righteous indignation and post a reply of \"Cow cookies!\" (or words to that effect), then if the poster is genuinely some misguided soul he will be corrected, and if the poster is a shill he will be thwarted.

Let karma deal with delivering justice, and concentrate on the fun stuff: coffee and technology.

My two bits worth...

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13 years 3 months ago #2162 by frederick
Replied by frederick on topic Re:Buying from online vendors
Well Colinimus....Internet is a slice of our society. You get the GOOD (that must refer to us....)the BAD (our friendly competitors...) and the UGLY(them....)
My two centimes.....
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13 years 3 months ago #2163 by colin
Replied by colin on topic Re:Buying from online vendors
I have been observing online commerce since the very beginning of online commerce and I have seen it all.

Yes - I do take it all to seriously.
Yes - I do need to lighten up.

When I approached the \"vendor\" 3 days ago about this phenomenon that I was experiencing on my website, his(her) reply was:

\"You can take your puny little website and shove it up your ass...\"

Not quite the reaction I was expecting when I was \"reporting\" an odd phenomenon.
On the bright side, there were days when I would check into the website and there were thousands of tags for drugs, mortgages and cell-phones - it would take 1/2 hour to clean it all up.

One does not spend 10+ years building a handsome website and following only to have it shat upon by hucksters.

But, as Frederick sez: You take the good with the bad and it is unhealthy to get too hung-up on the bad parts.

Thanks for your thoughts though - it has been helpful to vent.
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13 years 3 months ago #2164 by javatone
Replied by javatone on topic Re:Buying from online vendors
Our family has purchased coffee from a Gulf-Island based micro roaster for the past 25 years or so. Long before the internet became part of our daily life. We still get 2 pounds of their coffee every 2 months---a delight to receive a fresh-roasted bundle from the postie!! The postie enjoys the aroma also!
For our in-between coffee needs, we go to our favorite local roaster here in Victoria....TS
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