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file manual burr grinder with press

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9 years 5 months ago #4449 by sheldon
manual burr grinder with press was created by sheldon

This article recommends a manual burr grinder with a press. I was nearly going to buy a Hario Mini Mill but after doing some research is sounds like the Hario manual grinders performs poorly with coarse grind needed for press.

On top of that the roaster where I was shopping recommended I not get the Mini Mill for french press use.

I currently have a french press and am trying to find a grinder that will give me a cleaner cup than I'm currently getting. In the future I'd like the grinder to work for something more espresso-like (such as Aeropress).

I'd like to get a Mini Mill because of the price, but I'm afraid it won't work well with my press. I could possibly get the Espro Press to hopefully make up for the Mini Mill's poor coarse grind. Or, the other option, I could stick with my press and spend a lot on something like a Baratza Virtuoso which would hopefully serve all my grinding needs for a long time...

I'd appreciate any advice or clarification on the article recommendation! Thanks!
9 years 5 months ago #4450 by colin
Replied by colin on topic Re:manual burr grinder with press
The Baratza Virtuoso would serve your entire needs if you are doing drip, french and espresso --

I have the Hario Skerton ($40) that does French quite well -- it has some slop in the grind obviously -- because the working burr is actually floating -- and you have to tolerate some fines in the process (which sadly can ruin a French Press) -
You would not want to use the Skerton unless you have a the steady hands of a surgeon. I have used a Hario for some Turkish, but I added an inch to a bicep in the process.

There is no substitute for a good electric burr grinder or a manual with a stable burr set. By design, the HARIO's are not physically stable - so no perfect grind at any setting.
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9 years 5 months ago #4451 by sheldon
Replied by sheldon on topic Re:manual burr grinder with press
Thank you, I appreciate the helpful reply! Unfortunately I just cracked my press today while cleaning it... doh, I'll have to buy a new one.

I think after that I'll save up for a Baratza Virtuoso.
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