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question-circle Pod, Capsule - the Nespresso Pixie

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9 years 2 months ago #4486 by colin
Pod, Capsule - the Nespresso Pixie was created by colin
Here is our latest article - we review the Nespresso Pixie from Nestle.

Pod/Capsule coffee. Who is it for? Who buys this?
We tried it. Did not like it much.

But you might.
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7 years 9 months ago #4690 by tentales
Replied by tentales on topic Re: Pod, Capsule - the Nespresso Pixie
Came across your negative review about Nespresso by googling. I must say, I could not disagree more on each and every point you make in your so called "review". It seems you made you mind up very quickly without much serious testing (tasting).

I've been using the Nespresso system since 1997 !!
Yes, it's been around that long. They have stores in many countries and are run much like an Apple store.
Nespresso is the iPod of the coffee world.

Simple, clean, reliable coffer maker that last for years. I bought my D300 machine November 2000 and it's still working perfectly! Once a year descaling and it's like new.

I also bought a new Pixie machine for my vacation home in Basel, Switzerland. It does not take 3 minutes to heat up. Even my old D300 only take just under 2 minutes. The Pixie is ready in about 30seconds. You must have had a dud if it took 3 minutes.

Now to your "stale" coffee remark.
Really? Did you check the capsule sleeve expiry date ? Maybe it was well over it's due by date or you simply added too much water. In any case, many "filter coffee" (yuk) enthusiasts like yourself confuse the bitter/burnt taste of Starsucks coffee beans with strong/fresh coffee.

Maybe the 3-4 day timeframe rush didn't please you to begin with or the fact that it's produced by a big bad corporation, but regardless of politics, I find their product fresh, fast, clean (no mess) and still cost effective for what you get. 2 shots plus milk will run you about $1.50, which is less than half of most lattes/cappuccinos at a coffee shop.

On the other hand, couldn't you simply walk into "The Bay" and do your testing there ?
There's a Nespresso coffee bar in Vancouver's downtown "The Bay" where they'll offer you a free shot of coffee.

If you like it strong, try their "Indriya" or "Ristretto" in a pre-warmed espresso cup, drink it within 60seconds of brewing it and tell me then that it's still stale.

So as to who buys this.
I'm an IT guy originally from Europe and have lived in 6 countries and travelled to 20+ more. I know my coffee and now reside on the same island as you. I've served Nespresso to many dinner guests and everyone was very surprised how good it tastes. I have no affiliation to the company and this is purely my personal opinion.

When you say "we" tried this, who else tried it ?
You didn't mention multiple tasting companions in your reviews.

FWIW, hope you'll reconsider another taste and let me know here how you feel about it.
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7 years 9 months ago #4691 by colin
Replied by colin on topic Re: Pod, Capsule - the Nespresso Pixie
Your comments are appreciated - it would be awesome if more people stuck their head in and gave me some passionate arguments about how they feel.

I will respond to your post in point form this evening when I have some time.

Seriously, much appreciated. :)
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