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file Broken Barista Athena??

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12 years 5 months ago #2958 by Angie1970
Replied by Angie1970 on topic Re:Broken Barista Athena??
\"If you left any water whatsoever in it when you boxed it up, that water would have mixed with the aluminum in the boiler to create enough grit to plug up the brew head.\"

Well that could be the culprit. When I opened the wand knob for the very first time today I got maybe a tablespoonful of water out, then a little steam, then nothing. Surely that was old water left in the machine. But not a drop of water has come out of the brew part.

And, yes, once that initial bit of water came out that was it. As of now, NO water comes out when knob is open and brew switch is pressed. WAAAHHHH.

Perhaps you will think of something else. Otherwise I guess it may be time to shop for a new machine.

Thanks again.
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11 years 3 months ago #3762 by Robert Lamb
Replied by Robert Lamb on topic Re:Broken Barista Athena??
Angie1970 wrote:

I busted out my Barista Athena after having it boxed up for a couple of years. It has been used only a handful of times and was bought new 3-5yrs ago. I watched the video again, so I know how to use it, but I cannot get any water to pump through the machine! Nothing comes out of the steamer, nothing comes through the coffee filter. I can hear the pump, and the machine warms up, but it just doesn't seem to draw the water out of the water canister. What can I do?

I'm having the same problem after having done the exact same thing with my Athena. Did you ever figure anything out? I'd really appreciate any suggestions on what I might do with mine. Thanks!
11 years 3 months ago #3763 by colin
Replied by colin on topic Re:Broken Barista Athena??
You might want to pop the top off of it.

Normally (if there is an air-lock...) OPENING THE STEAM wand fully and then hitting the brew switch will get some water moving.

Is it heating up?

A supply tube may have fallen off.

If you do take it apart... BE VERY CAREFUL.

Steam, electricity and heat inside of any espresso machine can burn or kill!
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