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file Gran Gaggia Not Heating

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12 years 1 month ago #3175 by ekwc
Gran Gaggia Not Heating was created by ekwc
I owned a used Gran Gaggia for roughly 6 months. It is my 3rd espresso machine, from no name to Krups to Gaggia. It is working perfectly with small leaks on steam from the group head.

Last night, after the machine was on for about 30 minutes, it quited heating when I start frothing milk. I tried cooling it and turned it on. No heating.

Pump is working great. No scales. It was producing good crema prior to this problem.

I opened the top and look. Nothing looks burned.

I wonder if the prolong 30 mintues heating kill any electronic of temperature gauge or switch? or it is old and the heating element just died.

Please help. I don't want part a trusty machine.

12 years 1 month ago #3176 by colin
Replied by colin on topic Re:Gran Gaggia Not Heating
It is as simple as grabbing an Ohm-Meter and measuring across the boiler elements.

A couple of things --

The Overheat T-Stat may have opened -- they are supposed to reclose after the overheat condition - this may have not.

Without looking at my diagrams, if either the BREW t-stat or STEAM t-stat opened and stayed open, you would have the same situation.

The gran is a great little machine and is easy to fix once you know what is up.
By the by, the heating elements are on the OUTSIDE Of the boiler with most gaggias -- so they can heat air all day long and never worry.
Additionally - boiler elements on the outside do not corrode as fast as others.
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