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file Encountering weird tastes in coffee

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8 years 7 months ago #4586 by Req
Hey all,

So, over the past while I've been buying some beans online which are coming from some supposedly "good names" in coffee -- local roasting houses. Upon brewing however, I once stumbled upon the worst cup I've ever made. The process was french press and the taste? Completely sour! And this is fresh coffee I'm talking about. Like it was roasted a couple or few days prior to me getting it in the mail! So why was it sour?

I read that under-extraction coffee can be sour. So was my coffee grinds too big?

From Espressotec's info center:

- "Professional coffee tasters use terms that are in a class of their own - hidey, sour, muddy, grassy, musty, muddy and fermented! These terms are often used for the lowest grades of coffee."

That's fine and good. But I thought I was ordering quality beans?

It get's discouraging when you shell out $15-20 plus shipping on something you think will be good.

Colin, if you are curious about the store / roast house names, I can email you them!

How can one possible mess up french press?? I thought anyone and their goldfish could make coffee through that thing...
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