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file Belman coffee maker and steamer

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5 years 5 months ago #4794 by Rodewoldt
Belman coffee maker and steamer was created by Rodewoldt
I bought a Bellman coffee maker and steamer 14 years ago, and it just blew up on me yesterday. Totally my fault as I wasn't paying attention to the rubber gaskets. I had used up all my extra ones and the existing ones were getting soft and sticky. However I wrongly thought maybe I could get just one more use out of it until I could order some more. This is an excellent coffee maker that makes some very serious lates and cappuccino's. I have never used it on a gas stove, as all high rise apartment buildings give you one choice...electric. It takes about 10-20 minutes to reach proper heat requirements to be able to pour coffee into your cup. Another 60 seconds to reheat and bring the pressure up to use the steamer. I've never had a complaint from myself or others as to quality of the coffee. I will be ordering another asap once I hopefully locate a seller here in Vancouver. The Chocolate Mousse on Robson Street used to handle them up until about 5 years ago. They said they quit stocking them because of complaints and quality of product. I've checked the internet specs and they appear to be the same as when I bought my machine 14 years ago, so I question their analogy. I don't drink espresso myself, but have brewed up batches for friends who said although NOT stellar...it wasn't bad at all. For the money it's a worthwhile investment that will give you years and years of trouble free service. I've gone through 3 electric models and have had nothing but trouble with them all. But then I was only spending around $200 for them, as that was all I was willing to spend on something I only use once or twice a week. The Bellman is an easy clean and maintenance free machine (aside from changing the rubber gaskets) and even that is an easy task. I need to reread this website's info to see if this can still be purchased here in Vancouver, BC or whether I have to go online and place an order from somewhere else. In my estimation this Bellman is superb, and highly recommend it. Incidentally it makes an excellent froth/foam with a little practice. My only complaint (and it's a small one) is that it will only make 2 cups at a time. With just a wee bit more capacity one could make a bigger and stronger cup of cappuccino and/or latte.
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