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file Cafe culture in Victoria, B.C.

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13 years 1 month ago #2476 by arfenarf
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colin wrote:

My current favorite cafe is (hands down) Discovery Coffee - it is, most definitely kid friendly.

My 11-y-o is Discovery's latest fan. I went in last weekend for my 1/2 pound of the week and ordered a latte for me and a hot chocolate for him.

Most shops think \"hot chocolate\" means steamed chocolate milk - which is pretty good.

These guys, though, made up a chocolate-cinnamon-y concoction that DS is convinced is the very best of his entire life. Then, they solemnly showed him how to make hot-chocolate-latte art while they were pouring it into the cup.

He doesn't care for coffee, but he lurves Discovery. And I lurve them too, for taking a scrawny kid seriously.

(Oh, and they roast divine coffeebeans and don't snark at me when I buy some to take home and turn into swill) ;)
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Replied by colin on topic Re:Cafe culture in Victoria, B.C.
Beans & Greens Cafe - Esquimalt B.C.

No-one needs a great cafe more than Esquimalt. In a community adjacent to a Naval base that is more noted for its quaint post-war houses and small seaside town feel - Beans & Greens Cafe is a welcoming sight for those tired of the corporate Tim Horton's and Boston Pizza offerings along the Esquimalt Road.

Near the corner of Esquimalt and Admirals Street, Beans & Greens is an interesting mix of kid-friendly, green thumb and gourmet coffee (by Discovery Coffee Roasters).

They even brew their shots with a Synesso - simply the best machine there is.

Beans & Greens caters to the community. Not just kid friendly, but family friendly too. With its location near a ship-yard and military base, Beans & Greens is a popular meeting place for spouses of loved-ones serving regionally or overseas in Canada's proud Navy.

Beans & Greens is located at 522 Admirals Road
Esquimalt-Victoria, BC Give them a call for their hours: (250) 380-6336
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