The Marketplace (17 topics)

The bulk of espresso and coffee machine purchases happen online - here is your forum to discuss your experiences, good or bad, with ALL the vendors. Have at it folks!
Buying new coffee and espresso machines - and accessories - online has some risk. There are good folks out there and not so good ones. This is your forum to share your online purchase experiences with the rest of us.
This is a test transmission
by colin
5 days 13 hours ago

The CoffeeCrew Social Area (221 topics)

This is the social lounge, general discussion area and guestbook. Pull up a chair, introduce yourself, ask any questions that do not fit anywhere else or get off topic. No spam shills or ad-links! Violators will be banned.
This is a general chatter area. Any coffee and espresso related stuff as it relates to your local scene, coffee pop culture etc, social issues of cafe culture and the like. No SPAM or REFERRER ads or links!
20+ years at the help of coffe ...
by colin
5 days 13 hours ago
We spend a fair bit of our lives in coffee houses. It is where the coffee is... most of the time. If you have a favorite, list it here and tell us why. What makes a truly perfect cafe. Everyone wants to know.
New to specialty coffee or this website in general? Say hello. Introduce yourself. Tell us where you are from and what your issues are. Do not SPAM our forum with links to your business.
Re: Welcome to the new site
by lock_load
4 years 11 months ago
If there is a new cafe or cafe-roastery opening in your neighborhood that needs some advance buzz - this is the place. Talk up the storm!
Coast to Coast Coffee!!!
by C2CC
2 years 2 weeks ago

The social network (10 topics)

Hosting a barista jam or cupping in your community? Post your event here. All posts are previewed and moderated prior to publishing.
Re: Personal coffee history
by colin
2 years 8 months ago
I am constantly trolling the internet and media for specialty coffee stories - and it seems that a week does not pass without one. In ten years, we have done about 50 interviews in various newspapers, on the radio and television. If you see something worthy of discussion, do it here.
Coffee Benefits
by FinnFelton
2 years 7 months ago

Content Discussion Area (23 topics)

This is where we discuss/debate/critique articles on the website. I am trying this method as opposed to the "comment" features which tends to needlessly split and confuse the process of content discussion.
This is where extended forum discussion on this websites content takes place. If there is an article on this website that ruffles your feathers - this is where you vent!
Living with the Rancilio Silvi ...
by tbar23
1 year 11 months ago

Coffee in General (61 topics)

Coffee comes in many forms - beans, ground, drip, espresso, cappuccino, etc. This is where we talk about the basics.
Do not overlook brewed coffee as an area that you simply cannot improve upon. Yes, there are numerous methods. Each one has its own benefits. So lets talk drip, french, gravity, filter and vacuum here.
Re: Just a test post
by glenns
3 years 3 months ago
Facts, techniques, equipment, bean supplies and mythology. Combined, the writers on the coffeecrew website have dozens and dozens of years experience roasting coffee. What we have to say about it may surprise you.
Re: Drumroaster Cafe
by FinnFelton
2 years 7 months ago
A local home roaster and I have just cooked (I mean roasted) up a good idea. Get all the local home roasters together to do group buying of green beans! Order more coffee at one time and get it cheaper. Let's see if it works by starting small local chapters.

The Antique area - Same as it never was (61 topics)

Atomic espresso makers, Benjamin & Medwin brewers, old stovetops and steam-powered toys... if it is over 15 years old, talk about it here.
The Atomic coffee maker is currently the most loved, the most cherished, the most sought after and the most expensive piece of aluminum. People want them. People want parts and instructions and help. 2009 will usher in a new generation of Atomic lovers. Now we have the new Atomic, OTTO (I have one) and the Sorrentina - This is the discussion area.
Re: Question about Atomic machine
by colin
1 year 8 months ago
The Toshiba MyCafe, Benjamin & Medwin, old perc pots, vac pots and stovetops... if you found it at a garage sale and are wondering how to work it - post your thoughts here. This is <i>not</i> a buy-sell area.
Re: Toshiba HCD-850 Owner's Guide ...
by CDubs74
2 years 4 months ago

Espresso in General (208 topics)

Now one of the more popular methods of brewing coffee Worldwide, this is the discussion area for all things espresso. Espresso machines, parts, service, support, advice, buy & sell... etc
We get asked all the time: I want to make great coffee or espresso for under 200$. Is it possible? What do I buy? I am on a limited budget but I want good coffee! Help!
Re: Gaggia classic 6 years old
by colin
7 years 5 months ago
You are new to espresso - you have just purchased a 5-buck piece of junk at a garage sale or your dearly departed has left you a Delonghi, Salton-Maxim, Krups, Braun, Betty Crocker, Capresso espresso and the link. Please discuss your woes here.
Re: Spin Express coffee maker
by KatCam01
1 year 5 months ago
Whether it's the Solis SL70, any of the pump powered Gaggia's, the Rancilio Silvia and beyond to the ECM Giotto, the Pasquini Livia, Wega etc. We are moving the serious espresso machine discussions here.
Re: Gaggia Platinum Swing - condit ...
by VG
5 years 1 month ago

Espresso School (20 topics)

If there was something in the tutorials that was not quite clear, post your questions or secrets here; secrets of tamping, water supplies, espresso blends, getting the crema, blending great milk drinks, maximizing your machines potential.

Grinders, Beans, Toys and Tools (139 topics)

Grinders, tampers, coffee sources, repair and maintaining. All the things you need to know to keep you high-end set up... high-end!

All the tools (113 topics)

An espresso machine (or high-end brewer) is only as good as the grinder and the gadgets; burr grinders, cleaning supplies and issues, maintaining your machine, sourcing parts etc.
Re: missing manual Delonghi Ariete ...
by angel15
1 year 10 months ago
The bean is everything. Without good coffee, fresh coffee, there can be NO great coffee or espresso. What is your source? Where is your favorite bean supply? Who are the best roasters and where? The best origins and blends? Discuss here.
Re: Green coffee beans
by colin
5 years 5 months ago

Under the Hood... and beyond! (58 topics)

Espresso Machine Care and Maintenance - the forum for modders, rebuilders, hobbyists and hot-shots. If you have the tools, you can make your machine or accessory equipment better AND live longer. Dig in!
Your espresso machine (or coffee brewers) worse enemy (other than you of course) is normal wear and tear -- the environment of the machine... You can get more life out of your set-up with some basic routines. Let's discuss them here shall we?
Beyond basic Machine Care and Maintenance - if you have the tools and test equipment and want to make your espresso (or coffee brewing) experience totally unique speak up. This is the discussion area for Mods, PIDs and all the radical hot-rodding potential that espresso coffee provides!
Re: Ascaso Arc help
by Jassylizwal
4 years 8 months ago

Buy & Sell / Stuff sought (62 topics)

This is a very limited and specific buy/sell/trading area for coffee/espresso stuff and tools... grinders and the like. Nothing else! This forum is strictly moderated.
If you have some bits and pieces, espresso machines, parts, grinders, and any kind of coffee brewers that you wish to part with, post it here. COFFEE STUFF AND ESPRESSO STUFF ONLY. This forum is moderated. NO SPAM PLEASE!
by henriIV
1 year 3 weeks ago
Looking for Espresso machine and Coffee brewer manual/instructions for that piece of treasure you got for your Wedding, garage sale, re-gifting episode? We have a lot of stuff online but you are welcome to ask here. This forum is moderated and all posts reviewed prior to posting.
Re: Need manual Proteo Grande (Sta ...
by rnewell
2 years 1 month ago

The CoffeeCrew website (9 topics)

The coffeecrew website is large and it has some years on it. There are always issues. One of them is getting to the information that is buried here. Help us help you. Let's discuss what is fundamentally wrong with the layout and functionality of the coffeecrew website.
There is no perfect website and this is no exception. The coffeecrew website is always a work in progress, a web evolution if you would. Help us help you by discussing what is needed on this site.
A totally new website - well, ...
by colin
2 years 8 months ago

Industry Insider (9 topics)

If you are a coffee roaster or cafe owner - or even a coffee grower or importer... this is your place to talk it up.
Do you roast coffee for a living? Discuss your issues and equipment here.

Your coffee house (4 topics)

If you own a coffee house, bakery cafe or any variety of java joint, this forum area is for you.
For Victoria residents - Root ...
by colin
10 months 20 hours ago
If you are working for the man (or the woman for that matter), wave your tamper here!
No activity here in 5 years
by colin
1 year 6 months ago
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