Innova Doserless Grinder

For 225$(US) Dollars this is a lot of grinder. It is a "Dial" Espresso grinder and it has the capability of "finely tuning" your espresso precisely.

Upside: The burr cluster seems very solid and the motor driving it seems solid as well.

Performance: I dialed in my espresso quickly. This is a doserless model with a microswitch located in such a fashion that allows your portafilter to actuate the grinder to aid loading the coffee into your portafilter.

Downside: The hopper on this grinder, which seems to be a little too light, has started splitting after a few monthes of pretty light duty use. I hope INNOVA listens: "This grinder is too lightly built.. beef up the plastic hopper please!"


Final analysis: This is suited to be an "espresso only grinder". It has a vernier gear system for setting the burrs and there is no easy recall as to where you set it before. What that means is, this is a "set it and forget it" grinder. It grinds coffee very precisely. It would benefit from more solid components. Good value. Somewhat more messy than the Doserless Rocky. It is WAY More messy than the Dosered Rocky. I give it one thumbs up, one thumbs down. It is a near miss. If you have to pick between the Solis Maestro and the Innova.... choose SLOWLY!

Many thanks to Geir Oglend, of Drumroaster.Com for yet another loan..