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IsMG 1219As one of Canada's original resources for lovers of the caffeinated bean, we have offered no strings attached free advice on the subject of coffee since 1995!

That makes us pretty (very) old in internet time! is a library of coffee equipment reviews, opinions, and best practice techniques for getting the best of your brew.

Photo right - Coffee - enjoy it any way you like it - We won't judge you.

Regardless of whether you are an espresso hound, or love your daily double-double, cappuccino, latte or flate white, there is something here for anyone wanting to up their game.

2020 Update! Victoria's best cafes! Take a gander over to this list - now almost 25 years in print online! Yes. We drank all the coffee...

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Send us a coffee related e-mail and we'll reply within minutes! has been the go-to website for media enquiries, talking heads on the subject of coffee culture and trends or a good friendly newspaper story on the medical wonders of black coffee. We are here for all of you.

Since the beginning, the team has been featured in hundreds of newspaper articles, radio and TV appearances and so on. We even did a writing research project for an obscure TV show called "CSI Las Vegas" (Season-3) titled "Last Laugh!" - an episode of TV drama about Kopi Luwak coffee and murder!

We average of 1 - 3 million unique visitors per year or 1 to 3 thousand unique daily visitors to this web experience. We are still one of the internets more popular go to sites for friendly and unbiased coffee information.

We discuss brewing methods and best practices, equipment reviews, consumer reports and more! All of our reviews are in-house, unbiased, with no paid product placement or junk content.

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CJAD 800 Montreal NewstalkThe Coffeecrew team have been on the CBC radio network coast to coast, CTV NewsWorld Express, CBS, CNN, CSPAN, The Oprah Network, WTN and virtually every large metropolitan newspaper talking on the subject of cafe culture and trends in specialty coffee.  

If you need a knowledgeable person to talk on the subject of trends in coffee culture in North America and the World, we might be for you.  

We do lots of interviews; radio, TV, newspapers, public appearances - call or e-mail us if you need us!

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