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January 2017 Updates -

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Lead photo - Kalen Harris of Shatterbox Coffee on Pandora - We created a hot list of the best cafes in Victoria way back at the beginning of this journey. That list is over here. If you are coming to Victoria B.C. Canada and have coffee on your mind, please check this list before you venture out. Cafe culture in Victoria B.C. is world class so there is no reason why you should ever have a bad cup of coffee here. Ever. If you do, let me know and I will refund your money!

The website has been on the air since the Spring of 1995. Started humbly enough as "The Coffee Expert's Group" on a Linux server at the University of Victoria, it quickly "went downtown" to a start-up ISP called where it earned the domain name (which is still in use as my blog!) Time and technology moved on and we rebranded to a better name, Coffee Crew, in the early days of January 2001! Additionally, is hosted on one of Canada's best home grown ISPs with server clusters in Vancouver and Toronto, Canada.

We call Victoria, B.C. Canada home which is one of North Americas coffee culture, food and culinary and cocktail cultures hot spots. The Coffee Crew team are in some good company!

At an average of 1 - 3 million unique visitors per year we are still one of the internets more popular go to sites for friendly and unbiased coffee information.

We discuss brewing methods and best practices, equipment reviews, consumer reports and more! All of our reviews are in-house, unbiased, with no paid product placement or junk content.

You've got questions? We have straight answers. Send us an e-mail - Replies within an hour or two generally. 

Since the mid-90's we have proudly served useful information to the coffee lovers of the World and make it our quest to stay current and fresh!

We have happily been one of Canada's most beloved authorities on the subject of coffee culture in the home and office.

Your editor, Colin Newell, has been drinking coffee since 1975 and talking about the subject of coffee since the mid-1980's. We try to review new products as often as possible. If you see something that would benefit from a review from 'the crew' send us an e-mail. We answer all e-mail in less than 24 hours.

We are based in Victoria B.C. Canada and one of our most popular articles, The Guide to Victoria Cafes, is frequently being revised ever few weeks. The Victoria area coffee scene is that dynamic! Watch for us.

microphone 256Talk to Canada's most recognized and friendly coffee guy!

The Coffeecrew team have been on the CBC radio network coast to coast, CTV NewsWorld Express, CBS, CNN, The Oprah Network, WTN and virtually every large metropolitan newspaper talking on the subject of cafe culture and trends in specialty coffee.  If you need a knowledgeable person to yack on the subject of coffee culture in North America, we might be for you.

Send us a note - Quick responses always. We do lots of interviews; radio, TV, newspapers, public appearances - call or e-mail us if you need us!

We are generally available on a moments notice! Here are some examples of our on-air samples of us shooting our mouth off!

CFRB 1010 Toronto interview
-  Interview One

CKNW 980 Vancouver Interview - Interview Two

About the CoffeeCrew.Com experience.

Since 1995, has been a non-commercial resource, a learning place, for lovers of great coffee and those people wishing to make a better cup of coffee at home or in the office - Or how to better understand the coffee marketplace.

We also freely give advice to those thinking about building their own cafe - We review lots of commercial and home products for the consumer and this means we make commercial recommendations but we do not sell anything.

We have been testing and playing with virtually every coffee maker and espresso machine and grinder since the mid-90's! Want us to test and review something? Let us know via the e-mail tab. If we review your product, it gets a permanent place on this website - your product loan is available for return shipping or we will give it away to a lucky reader. It's up to you.

Reviews on are permanent. How is that for great marketing? Have a burning question that you would like to share with the group? Pop by our forum and bring your thoughts - we have been answering questions on the subject of coffee since the Spring of 1995 and we haven't been stumped yet!

Introducing you to new and classic methods of brewing coffee, espresso and other specialty coffee beverages and, at the same time, raising your level of awareness on how this marvelous bean makes its way from the farmers field to your cup. It's what we do!

This website is an educational resource for consumers of specialty coffee it features active forums and free consultations with actual coffee professionals - looking to build your own bricks and mortar cafe or roaster - we are here with some free advice.