The Victoria area Homeroasters Guild

14 years 11 months ago #2594 by colin
I declare the Victoria Area Home Coffee Roasters Guild now open for business!

If you are a home coffee roaster in the Victoria area, by all means meet up here to discuss strategies and experiences...

perhaps there is the possibility of linking up to buy bigger batches of green coffee!

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  • Donna Lindenberg
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14 years 11 months ago #2595 by Donna Lindenberg
Replied by Donna Lindenberg on topic Re:The Victoria area Homeroasters Guild
Thank you for starting this forum.

I'm just getting nicely into roasting my own coffee and at this point, doing it on the cheap, i.e. I use a popcorn popper a la 'sweet maria's' but the results so far are very pleasing to the palate.

A couple of things:
I'm trying to source green beans locally but having limited success. My list of preferences makes me look pretty fussy but I'm not, really. I'd like to find a reliable source of fair-trade organic decaf green beans. I'm not far enough in to know which coffee region appeals to me best. If other roasters already have a good source, I'd be keen to know. Colin, I checked out the website and it looks good but there is the shipping. It could be a source if a group buy reduces shipping costs.

Second, I do have Columbian hydro-decaf green beans right now from Level Ground in Saanich. I do a really dark French (espresso pretty well) roast and the capuccino tastes fantastic. But the odd thing is, I'm getting some kind of neuroligical reaction when I drink the coffee. Almost a headache or lightheadedness. To the point where I'm really conflicted about continuing to use it. Has anyone ever had that kind of reaction to the coffee? Level Ground claims to be fairly traded but they don't have certification that I can see. Also, I'd pay a premium for organic coffee if I can get it in a decaf.

Donna Lindenberg

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14 years 8 months ago #2864 by colin
Any feedback from any of our Victoria Area Roasters? I do get quite a bit of email from locals that are homeroasting; which equipment they are using, where they get their beans, etc.

Any news anyone?

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  • direct00
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14 years 1 month ago #3317 by direct00
Replied by direct00 on topic Re:The Victoria area Homeroasters Guild
I'm pretty keen to try roasting for the first time. Getting pretty good at pulling espresso shots finally, and would love to figure out what it takes to roast great tasting beans :)

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14 years 1 month ago #3318 by colin
Buy the Book by Kenneth Davids...

Here is a forum link to check on...

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