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file tamper base question..

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13 years 7 months ago #1995 by FeTTT
tamper base question.. was created by FeTTT
Hi all! whats the difference between the flat or a curved base? there a partical reason?
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13 years 7 months ago #2000 by The editor
Replied by The editor on topic Re:tamper base question..
Well - as we discussed via MSN today:

The jury is out on the curved bottom tamper.

I have all three:
The flat, the curved and the EURO-Curve.

So- do they make a difference?

Well. If your basket is flat on the bottom,
the flat one is for you.
If you have a curved bottom basket...
there you go.

I have experienced NO difference between tamper
bottoms - but people swear by them.
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13 years 7 months ago #2030 by Current Coffee
Replied by Current Coffee on topic Re:tamper base question..
Right now I am switching between an american curve and a flat. I find I get more consistent results with the american curve, and on a bottomless portafilter it will collect more consistently in the middle. When using the bottomless portafilter as a metric for pulling a good shot, a curved tamper is kind of cheating. In general, I find it easier to avoid getting the little holes around the outside of the portafilter where the water can bypass the majority of the beans, which result in an underextration. That being said, I think that a shot pulled well on either flat or curved tamper will both be excellent. There is no way I can tell the difference by taste.
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