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file troubleshooting like Bellman Stovetop Capuccino

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13 years 5 months ago #2218 by Chart
I have a second hand like a Bellman Stovetop Capuccino Maker.

I did a clean out test with only water. The wand unit works fine for steaming but nothing is coming out of the spout area.

I have been looking at how I can take the lid apart. I have referred to parts at www.fantes.com/bellman_parts.htm (again it is not a Bellman but like a Bellman).

I have tried to insert a wire for clean out into the 'pipe' chamber which runs the length of the lid. It may be plugged.

Any suggestions?

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13 years 4 months ago #2226 by chart
Update. I have ordered a set of Bellman gaskets. According to the Bellman illustration URL at fantes.com that I mentioned in previous post, I believe that I am missing some gaskets. (As I had said, mine is a an Italian made 'like Bellman\"). I will repost when the gaskets come and I have installed them to see if they make a difference.
Til then. C. Hart
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13 years 4 months ago #2239 by chart
I am now a bonafide registered member of the forum.

For years I used various stove top espresso makers then let them all go and returned to Melitta porcelain cones.

Recently I had the opportunity to purchase a 'like Bellman' stove top with a steamer wand. And the aforementioned posts are due to its non functionality.

So far I'm having a one sided conversation here.

Now that I'm a member I'm hoping that comments will be forthcoming.

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13 years 4 months ago #2274 by frederick
Don't fret buddy /buddyette....
Time is of the essence when one wants to be discovered. You can breathe now. Congrats on your acquisition. I find these machines quite interesting in their simplicity. Of course they now have added a pressure gauge, this inhibts total under the tap wash down...Do you have the model that you can invert the filter holder for different coffe brew servings ?
On the electronic selling emporium, they assimilate the Bellman to the Atomic....\" like Atomic..\" but you know better than that...
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