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file AeroPress vs. THe World !!!

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13 years 3 months ago #2336 by Nick
AeroPress vs. THe World !!! was created by Nick
I just ordered a Rancilio Silvia / Rocky and my brother phones up to say \"forget it, just get an AeroPress 'cause you won't be able to tell the difference - you're wasting your money\".

I've never tried an AeroPress but assume it just couldn't duplicate the results of something like a Rancilio Silvia. Could it? Is the difference noticeable or pretty darn subtle? If the Silvia were 10.0 on a scale where an ordinary Bodum (\"french press\"?) was 1.0 where would the quality of an Aeropress be? 3.0 , 8.0 ???

many thanks,
13 years 3 months ago #2339 by colin
Replied by colin on topic Re:AeroPress vs. The World !!!
Excellent posting!
Well Nick. If your tongue has been struck by lightning in the last few weeks (or monthes...) then maybe, just maybe your taste buds are so fried that you cannot tell the difference between the Silvia (an espresso machine) and the Aeropress (a pressure drip brewer).

I owned a Silvia for over a year before I sold it to a \"friend\" when he waved 500$ in my face. My wife said I would regret selling it... and I did!
I use an Aeropress once a week or so and although it makes very punchy coffee, it is not espresso by any stretch. Not even close.

Espresso? That is an entirely different product and the Aeropress does not do it.
The Rancilio Silvia was born to make espresso.
The Silvia is also hand made by Italian craftspersons in steel and brass.
The Aeropress is a piece of plastic.
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13 years 3 months ago #2342 by Nick
Replied by Nick on topic Re:AeroPress vs. The World !!!
wow! $500 bucks for a used Silvia - now *that's* resale value!

and thanks for assuaging my incipient buyer's remorse ... the only problem now is the image stuck in my mind about channeling a lightning bolt on the tip of my toungue! na... would have to hurt too much! ;)
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13 years 3 months ago #2344 by caffiend
Replied by caffiend on topic Re:AeroPress vs. The World !!!

Espresso... ... the Aeropress does not do it

I wholeheartedly second this statement.

The Aeropress makes a fine cup of coffee in a pinch. And is particularly great for traveling, etc. But it makes coffee. End of story.

If you think you might really appreciate home espresso, your Silvia purchase is definitely not misguided. You may already be aware, but equally as important are fresh beans a quality grinder. The Rancilio Rocky is a good place to start...
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