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14 years 9 months ago #343 by Ben
Opinion was created by Ben
I am going to be another person to be banned from this site. It looks like this site pretension about their expertise, the site which publicizes only praises towards itself and staff including. This is just masqueraded advertising site. I personally don
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14 years 9 months ago #347 by dave
Replied by dave on topic Re:Opinion
Ben wrote:

This is just masqueraded advertising site.

Uhh, no.

Sorry that you feel that way, Ben. We actually go out of our way to try and help folks out around here. Sounds like you formed an opinion on that front without reading up much on the site's material and history.

Funny thing is, we find that most people seem to like this place better when Colin applies his most ascerbic persona. You can't blame him for being frustrated with cyber-squatters.

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14 years 9 months ago #349 by frederick
Replied by frederick on topic Re:Opinion
I don't know about you Dave, but I have had readers COME to my humble abode to have parts fixed for their coffee machine as a last resort.
Seems to me that my very limited expertise was quite beneficial in putting back on the road some classy machines.....my opinion.

14 years 9 months ago #356 by colin
Replied by colin on topic Re:Opinion
Hey Toronto Ben - I only ban people selling drugs, porn and mortgages.

Noone who complains or expresses a contrary opinion gets locked out.
Dave is right (and I will apologize for my, at times, gruffness). If you dig in you will find some worthwhile material above and beyond the snobbery.

Now let me take this moment to introduce the fabulous senior crew at this website -- **insert opening music to Elvis concert: CC Rider**

Frederick! One of our brightest and most dedicated collector of Atomic art! No one knows more about the A-maker than... Frederick!
Sara! She's not just cute, but she roasts a mean bean with her machine! Go visit her in Toronto!
Glenn! He is a shadowy man from a shadowy planet but he knows Gaggia coffee makers inside and out! Glenn!
Ottawa Dave! He's a cowboy of the basics and has graduated to higher and higher levels of espresso nirvana.. Dave!<br><br>Post edited by: colin, at: 2005/11/22 15:50
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