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file settling milk, unsettling attempts at art

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13 years 4 months ago #3140 by jdpg
I'm running into frothing trouble.

I'm getting very nice velvety stuff on top and no big bubbles. After tapping the pitcher and swirling the milk, I get a nice start of thick, soft milk but towards the end of the cup the milk is quite watery again. This has really stymied my attempts at art.

I'm using an Andreja Premium and 2%. My frothing pitcher is an ilsa 18 oz.

Any advice?
13 years 4 months ago #3142 by colin
You have the right tools no question.

I have been foaming milk for years but have yet to produce 1st rate micro-foam and naturally NO ART.

This is one thing you need to keep at.

Do yourself a favor - get David Schomer's Latte ART DVD off the Belissimo website - DVDs and videos here .
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12 years 5 months ago #3812 by l_allen11
Replied by l_allen11 on topic Re:settling milk, unsettling attempts at art
I have been having the same problem. Get great micro-foam, but when I try to do latte art, my milk runs out of the pitcher before the foam does (no real cohesion of milk/foam).

I am thinking this is due to the shape of the pitcher that I am currently using - it has a round base and narrower top. All the videos that I have watched show a pitcher with straight sides....

I'm planning on picking up a new pitcher on my next trip to espressotec to test my theory.
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11 years 3 weeks ago #4396 by new_barista
Replied by new_barista on topic Re:settling milk, unsettling attempts at art
i have the same issue. i always get liquid out first and not foam. i have great microfoam but separate from milk. i think i have a 20 oz, tapered pitcher and the temp of the milk is good; but although i think i've watched all the videos on youtube and have been practicing 2-3 times/day no luck. i've tried varying the amounts of milk from 10 oz. to 8 oz. still get no textured milk. i may try a straight pitcher and get pressure of steam checked.
any suggestions?

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11 years 3 weeks ago #4397 by l_allen11
Replied by l_allen11 on topic Re:settling milk, unsettling attempts at art
We have finally figured this one out - perfect micro-foam!

Here's the trick (perhaps you know this already?):

You need to stretch the milk ONLY while it is cold - so you need a thermometer. Only stretch until 15 C, or 60 F (once it reaches this temp - NO MORE STRETCHING! - this is hard to not do).

Second trick:

Once you hit this temp., drop the wand into the milk and make a 'standing wave'. Get the milk swirling in the pitcher and try to make a nice little kayakers-dream surfing wave on one side of the pitcher. This is what will keep your micro-foam from getting those big dopey bubbles. Think waves on rivers...(I hope this makes sense).

Keep steaming until it's hot enough (I prefer 80C, or 170F), then pour into your espresso immediately. If you get big bubbles on top, swirl and tap pitcher lightly on the counter - they don't really mess you up too much).

That's it!

As for latte art, my partner is better at it than me. He makes leaves, phoenixes (his specialty), hearts, and many other gorg. designs.

Happy foaming!
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