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13 years 1 week ago #3334 by niven
Shot time was created by niven
I've learned a ton from this site...thank you...I've had a Saeco Aroma for around four years and I'm trying to get away from relying on the pressurized portafilter...I've removed all the springs and enlarged the hole in the base...I've replaced the pump on my machine and am trying to follow the directions given on this site and others...I have three questions if anyone would be kind enough to reply...

1.does the \"timer\" for the shot begin when you turn the pump on or when the espresso first emerges from the portafilter?

2.I'm using the original Saeco basket which is considered a double shot if full...what would be the ideal pull time for a double if the ideal for a single shot is 25 sec?

3.Does anyone know where to get fresh roast beans in the Hamilton, Ontario region???...I'm using Starbucks or Second Cup beans and wonder if I could get better crema than I'm getting (allowing for my own inabilities at this time)...I can't be driving all the way to Toronto just for 300gms of beans ;)...

Thank you for any advice offered.
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13 years 1 week ago #3335 by FeTTT
Replied by FeTTT on topic Re:Shot time
Hi Niven, ill try to answer the best i can... but im sure colin will correct me :-).

1- It supposed to start when you turn \"on\" the pump.
2- 25-30 sec for a double shot are good
3- I cannot help on this one, im from shefford,quebec.i use starbuck because its always ok, not good but ok.

I personnaly own a aroma since 2 year, and i try 5-6 times to remove the springs/plastic and i always reinstall it because, to hate the loose handle when the spring are remove. Good luck!
13 years 1 week ago #3338 by colin
Replied by colin on topic Re:Shot time
You start counting...

-when the flow starts. :)
-and 25 seconds for a double is perfect...
+ or - 7 seconds is also acceptable.

In Hamilton, Ontario? Better beans...
Have you looked in the phone book for a local roaster? Because I bet there is one.
I can do a bit of research.
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12 years 11 months ago #3382 by niven
Replied by niven on topic Re:Shot time
Thank you both for the help....to answer my own question about a source of beans in the area, I've discovered Global Village market on King St in Westdale Village (across from the library)...they get their beans shipped in from Birds and Beans in the Toronto area...roast date is clearly marked on the package.
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12 years 8 months ago #3563 by cafe pronto
Replied by cafe pronto on topic Re:Shot time
Hi niven, I live in Stoney Creek and I go every 2 weeks to the Toronto(St.Lawrence) Market and pick up fresh roasted beans from Sara at Everday Coffee, here is the web site www.everydaycoffee.com/
It is worth the trip and the market is such a wonderful experience! The wife and I look forward to this every second Saturday and the fresh espresso to boot!

Also, if you go to the Fortino's on Upper Centennial, they also roast fresh beans on certain days. Take a trip there from Monday to Friday 9am - 3pm and speak with coffee person and they will advise you as to their roasting schedules.
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