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13 years 4 months ago #2973 by Machiatoto
I would use it but as long as there is a demand.. Its was good to talk to others using the Silvia.

13 years 4 months ago #2974 by colin
Rant alert -

I would, most certainly, create as many sub-categories within these forums as necessary - regardless of demand... provided there was a point to it all and the forums and child-forums did not become clogged with obvious stuff that exists within the matrix of the coffeecrew website.

One odd thing I have been noticing lately (Rant alert!) is the number of people e-mailing me about their problems and posting to forums with questions that are answered in several places on the website AND within the forums.

Do not get me wrong folks - I love e-mail.
What I do object to are the people that feel I am their personal kindergarten-espresso coffee teacher... that inundate me with one lame-ass question after another...

For example: A forum and e-mail regular writes:

\"I ran my Foo-fooMatic 5000 grinder for 10 seconds without any beans in it... Is it broken Colin? Is it broken???\"


The water in the reservoir is not hot... is my machine broken? Well, is it?

And the kicker was:

\"I have SO many questions for you Colin... here are 10 to start with...\"

My reply: \"All this stuff is ON THE WEBSITE...\"

And the person replied: \"I am WAY TOO Busy to read your website!\"

Yup. This is the kind of Brain-dead stuff I get to deal with from time to time.

99.99% of correspondents are good normal people from all over the World.

Significantly less than 1% of people are completely demented.
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