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exclamation-circle Why are there so many great coffee shops in Victor

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11 years 11 months ago #3345 by Weathernut
I'm a relative neophyte when it comes to identifying great coffee but I do know weather and climate information and was, therefore, somewhat surprised by one of the choices in your voting for the reason Victoria has so many great coffee shops - \&quot;Other than Tofino, it is the rainiest place on the Planet.\&quot;

That statement is far from the truth and it besmirches the good name of Victoria. Here are some climatological facts about Victoria - Average annual rainfall is 583.1 mm; compare that with Vancouver at 1154.7 mm; or Toronto at 709.8 mm. If you look at total precipitation (which includes snowfall), Victoria's average annual number is 607.6 mm, Vancouver's is 1199.0 mm and Toronto's is 834.0 mm. Ah, but you say, it's always raining here, not so - Victoria has, on average 129.1 days with measurable rainfall a year; Vancouver has 288.5 days and Toronto has 112.8 days - if you include snowfall, Toronto's figure jumps to 145 days!

In case you think that Victoria is cloudy all the time and that's what you really meant - Victoria has on average 2193.3 hours of sunshine a year, Vancouver has 1928 hours and Toronto has 2104.3 hours. We have more hours of sunshine than Toronto!

I agree with all your other choices for the reason for Victoria having great coffee shops but, please, take this option out.
11 years 11 months ago #3347 by colin
Are you a meteorologist? Yes - I knew that Tofino has more rain... Ucluelet has more rain... Prince Rupert has more rain... and we have way more sunshine that Vancouver by a long shot.

I will adjust the poll - with thanks!
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