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file Love/hate with the Virtuoso

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12 years 7 months ago #3701 by brokemusician77
Replied by brokemusician77 on topic Re:Love/hate with the Virtuoso
That's quite different from my experience.

For me, espresso, is somewhere between 7-9. This, of course, depends on the batch of beans, roast, freshness, etc...

I'd recalibrate anyway if I were you. What happens if you get a batch of beans for espresso that require a finer setting? It's really not that difficult. Do it once, and you'll have lots of breathing room.

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12 years 7 months ago #3703 by PittCoffeeCrew
Replied by PittCoffeeCrew on topic Re:Love/hate with the Virtuoso
Yep - did the recalibration last night and - as both brokemusician and goomba said - it was easy.

I misunderstood the instructions when I first read them in November (I thought the \&quot;while running\&quot; part meant I had to aim the Phillips #0 screw for a tiny hole in a ring that would be spinning along with motor!). Was a piece of cake. Hardest part was getting the case off in the first place.

The results? A much wider range on the fine/espresso end. My current beans are a bit old and break down quickly. I was able to get a 55 ml shot in 27 seconds on setting 5. With fresh beans, I will start on 6 or 7.

As for my other methods (see earlier post in this thread), I am finding I have to go coarser (i.e. up in setting #) by ~4 steps since the operation. Thus my new press pot setting is around 30 or 31, still plenty of play on the coarse end.

Very happy I did the re-calibration. Thanks for the push!
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