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file Baby Gaggia no longer producing steam

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14 years 3 months ago #2089 by Daniel Young
Baby Gaggia no longer producing steam was created by Daniel Young
Your help/advice would be greatly appreciate: My Baby Gaggia is no longer producing steam. The espresso shots are as good as ever. And water does flow through the steam wand when directed there. Do I need to replace the steam theromstat? Or could it be something else?
14 years 3 months ago #2090 by colin
Replied by colin on topic Re:Baby Gaggia no longer producing steam
So - when you switch on the steam switch, the temperature does not go up?

Being able to run water through the steam wand
is a valuable diagnostic tool.

-while in regular brew mode:

-open the steam knob
-press the brew switch

water comes out of the wand.

Now press the STEAM switch on.
Note the ready lites - do they change?
Wait 3 minutes
Press the brew switch with the steam switch ON
and the steam wand knob OPEN.

Does HOTTER water come out or the same hot water.

The steam switch basically bypasses the Brew T-Stats
and inserts a T-stat with a higher temperature.
If the STEAM T-stat is permanently OPEN, voltage/current will not get to the heating element.
If the STEAM T-stat is LOCKED shut the machine will overheat in short order.

I suspect the former.
The other less likely possibility...
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