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file Life expectency - espresso machine ?

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13 years 3 months ago #3240 by lanstrad
Life expectency - espresso machine ? was created by lanstrad
After juggling for a while, I have finally decided to order a Saeco Aroma Inox. This will be my first machine.

However, I am still wondering if I made an investment or just a short term expense. Reading many postings on forum wher people refer to their machine geyying retired or falling dead, I am concerned at how long should I expect this machine to work - with proper maintenance and normal domestic use (once, twice a day, sometimes 5 or 6 shots when we get friends at home).

Laying down a nearly $500 (taxes included) on a machine has been a huge decision and I don't expect to change the machine before many, many years at such a price unless I earn the lottery. When I lay down a $500 on a household appliance, I expect if would be for 8 to 10 years, although I will consider this is serious build if I don't get trouble for 5 years...

So, any comments (especially on this model) on *how many* years I *should* expect it to serve my needs? (I won't sue anyone if I get a lemon, promised...)

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13 years 3 months ago #3241 by Bert
Replied by Bert on topic Re:Life expectency - espresso machine ?
Heh Rob;
My son has had the Aroma for 2 years with the Baratza Virtuoso grinder. Aroma has been trouble free and my son does \"0\" maintenance and care - and it is working fine. With the pressurized filter it also gives good shots all the time - My Silvia/Rocky gives better but I like my son's coffee and I would highly recommend the Aroma for a first timer who wants good coffee with little care or maintenance. You didn't mention a grinder - get something that grinds pretty fine like a VIrtuoso- I recently cleaned my son's for him - boy was it dirty - and adjusted the set point so that he can plug his Aroma if he wants to- it has also worked well.
CHeck Colin's reviews but I think he would agree on this recommendation.
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13 years 3 months ago #3249 by lanstrad
Replied by lanstrad on topic Re:Life expectency - espresso machine ?
Thanks Bert for your reply.

Yes ineed I have also ordered a Solis Maestro (not the 'Plus' nor the 'Virtuoso'). From $100 to over $200 my selection had to stop on the first... Hope I did a good choice, though. (??)

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