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file Help: Cafe Roma vs. Starbucks Sirena

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13 years 11 months ago #3310 by jono80
Help: Cafe Roma vs. Starbucks Sirena was created by jono80
I enjoy espresso and latte and decided (admittedly on a whim) to purchase an entry level machine. I went out and bought a Breville Cafe Roma last night. THEN I did some reading and now I am questioning my decision.

- Thermoblock vs. boiler
- lack of steam control
- overall quality

I am wondering now if I should return the rig and look at something with a little more 'oomph'. I have recently heard about the Starbucks Sirena machine which is a boiler system with steam control - but it seems to have some gimmicky features (like auto tamping and one- or two-shot selection buttons).

Has anyone heard anything about this machine (Starbucks Sirena) or should I stick with my Breville?

Also, where in the Kitchener-Waterloo area can one go to find machines (other then Sears or Linens N' Things??)
13 years 11 months ago #3311 by colin
Replied by colin on topic Re:Help: Cafe Roma vs. Starbucks Sirena
Before saying too much...
remember our motto:

\"Coffee is a journey, not a destination...\"

I started out with a Multichef Aluminum boiler steam toy - I learned a lot on that little unit.

You are way better off with a basic Breville with a T-Block that a starbucks unit with gidgets and gadgets built in.

Stay with your machine - get the most out of it -- over 6 months or so... then move on.
Give it to someone you love (or like) when you are ready for the next step.
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13 years 11 months ago #3312 by Bobby
Replied by Bobby on topic Re:Help: Cafe Roma vs. Starbucks Sirena
Since you've posted in the $400 I'd say return the Breville and get a single boiler machine.

In this price range you can easily get an entry level Saeco or Gaggia, or a lesser known name like Mokita. Those machines will give you more to work with and learn on and make better espresso.

I don't know if Breville has changed their products much in the last year, but I was warned off this machine. Run from thermoblocks
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13 years 11 months ago #3319 by mattabi528
Replied by mattabi528 on topic Re:Help: Cafe Roma vs. Starbucks Sirena
The Breville was my first machine. It has been a good machine no complaints. When you are ready, move up but you did not make a mistake. I can make a Mocha that will bring tears to your eye's with mine. Master it grasshoper.
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11 years 3 months ago #4483 by SK
I have the Sirena crafted by BMW. It even looks like a Beamer if you recognize the inside dash of the car. Anyway, I've been using it for 2+ years and have found it very easy to use. The quality of the 'cup' I'm offering to my friends is up there with Starbucks. Oh right.. it is a Starbucks signature machine! tee hee! However, folks.. it can be temperamental. For instance, if you have water from a well, the machine needs to be de-scaled frequently. I've just spent 5 hours de-scaling it and she hates me more now than before!! As well, my doubles are now triples as she is leaking. Incidentally, I found this cool site by looking at the back of my Instructions Manual for repair shops. Perhaps, it is time for the more experienced to fix it.
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