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question-circle Saeco Via Venezia

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13 years 7 months ago #3511 by ruben
Saeco Via Venezia was created by ruben
So I'm finally making the oh so exciting jump into the home brewing espresso club!:woohoo: I've done my research and have been enlightened on the importance of bean quality, grind, tamper, etc...all the foundational goodies any coffee fiend should know.

I have a pretty limited budget, but would be willing to make a smart jump if needed. I originally targeted coupling the Saeco Aroma with a Capresso 560 Infinity grinder. A recent trip to Costco has me strongly considering the Saeco Via Venezia--as it's price to go at $150. Is there any discernable difference between the two Saecos? Would a jump up to an entry-level Gaggia be a wiser move? Also, how am I with my grinder selection? Thanks in advance for your help!
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13 years 7 months ago #3514 by david
Replied by david on topic Re:Saeco Via Venezia
Some great choices there. It sounds like you will have a fresh bean supply nearby: one of the most important.

As for machine, both you mention are good machines. I am a fan of the Saeco's, although Gaggia seems to be making the better entry-level machine these days. For $300cdn, you can get yourself into the Gaggia Espresso lineup. Some of the key differences between the entry level Gaggia that I mention here and the Saeco is some of the components. Brass group in the Gaggia and a 58mm portafilter are the key ones. Although it may be a few bucks more, it is a bit more of a serious machine over the Via Venezia.
As for grinder, it starts and ends with the Baratza Maestro or Maestro Plus. These are the best grinders available today for a price that starts just under or over $100.

On our website here, Colin talks about the entry level Gaggia machines and the Baratza grindres in the 2008 Festive Buyers guide. Give that a quick read, and there should be some additional information to what I have wrote here.

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