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file Is this really a true revival of the Atomic?

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13 years 3 months ago #3805 by DonzasH
Hey All,

I was just doing some browsing for Atomics and came accross this site:

They literally have the exact reproduction of the Atomic. It literally looks exactly the same as the one I have. Does anyone know much about this? or have at least purchased this?

13 years 3 months ago #3807 by colin
I probably do not know as much about the Atomic as "you know who" or he who no longer wants to be named on this website... or as much as I should know - but there definitely is hot interest in this coffee maker... The coffee maker known as Otto is also coming into production... and the Sorrentina... and the Atomic...

considering how many changes the original went through, the new ones are merely reinterpretations of the old ones.
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