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file Is there a coffee/Espresso combination machine?

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10 years 2 weeks ago #4687 by jessica
Coffee/Espresso combination machine?

I need a cup of coffee every day, and I’m very interested in making my own cappuccino or latte at home, hopefully I can do the latte art someday.
I don’t want to place one coffee maker and one espresso machine and a grinder on my counter top, there’s just no space for all of that.
Is there any coffee/espresso combination machine out there that doesn’t cost too much? By the way I’m new to espresso
10 years 1 week ago #4688 by colin
There is no good "Two in One" espresso/coffee maker.

I would suggest one or two things here:

Ditch your traditional method of coffee brewing and get a GAGGIA Color which will do all your latte/cappuccino/espresso/americano needs...


Then get an AEROPRESS or a HARIO Pour over kit (that does not live on the counter top anyway...) and start to take your coffee learning to the next step!
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