The Gaggia MDF Doser repair guide

MDF DOSER REPAIR -- courtesy Reg James of EspressoTec.Com

The Gaggia MDF is a reliable grinder - from time to time things go haywire.
When they do, be prepared for some simple repairs.

You will need to take the grinder completely apart to get at the doser
lever. It is not as hard as it sounds – but it is a bit of work. You can clean out the oily residue from the burrs, hopper and dosing unit at the same time – bonus!

The Gaggia MDF and RockyUsing a pointed or small tool (like a small flat blade jeweller’s screwdriver) remove the two rubber plugs from inside the bean hopper. Remove the two Phillips screws. Pull straight up to lift the hopper out. It comes out straight up so no sideways motion – it may be quite tight but will come out with enough straight up lifting force. Again;no sideways pressure. Now
remove the two screws holding down the black plastic part with the word Gaggia on it. Pro Trick: use a piece of plastic tape over the screws to avoid scratching the anodized paint.

The black handle of the doser also pulls off the lever mechanism. It may be on tight. Again, it will pull straight out with enough pulling force.

Now turn the grinder upside down and remove the four screws holding the base on. Once the base is moved to the side the two screws holding the doser to the body can be accessed and removed.

Turning the grinder upright it will now be possible to remove the doser unit. Angle the front of the doser up and towards you, then twist counterclockwise to manoeuvre the lever out of the way and the whole thing up and out. Watch closely for the black foam rubber seal between the doser and grinding chute. Replace it, if it falls off.

Tighten the loose nut down, check that the spring is not broken etc. Clean the whole dosing assembly with Fantastik if dirty (also the bean hopper.

Reverse entire operation to reassemble. Note the slot on the bean hopper shaft must line up with the keyway on the top of the burrs before pressing down lightly.

Reg James is the owner of EspressoTec.Com in Vancouver, British Columbia - Canada's most respected online vendor of home and office espresso equipment, brewers, accessories and grinders.