Everyday Gourmet Roastery Toronto (2-parts)

altWe spoke with Sara, owner and master roastmistress at Everyday Gourmet Coffee Roasters. They are at 95 Front St. E. (St. Lawrence Market - on the Lower Level) in Toronto, Ontario.

Talking to Sara we got a sense of what it is like producing some of Toronto's best coffee.

Everyday Gourmet Coffee opened in the St. Lawrence Market in 1979, specializing in coffee, tea and spices. In 1997, coffee roasting came to Everyday Gourmet with the addition of a Toper drum roaster from Turkey. This gas fired coffee roaster can do 20 pound batches of coffee at a time

A coffee bar is built around a classic old Gaggia two-group and the on-site drum roaster anchors one of the corners of this delighfully warm space. Sara and her small crew of coffee lovers offer fairly traded and organic coffees, roasted daily, from a wide variety of estates.

Everyday Gourmet stocks 20 single origin or varietal coffees. With varied roasts from light-to-dark and blended, Sara creates over 50 different selections of quality Arabica coffees, including a full line of flavoured coffees and custom roasts. She also offer fair trade organic coffees as well as premium SWP(Swiss Water Processed) Decaf.

At the coffee bar, they brew six different coffees daily, as well as all the espresso based beverages, made with their signature espresso blend.

Life in the St. Lawrence Market is one of diversity with a colorful mosaic of produce, meat, seafood, arts and crafts. There is a sense of community unlike anything else in downtown Toronto.

The St. Lawrence Market, open Tuesday to Saturday, is home to 55 of the best food shops in Toronto. The Market also features the St. Lawrence Farmer's Market with over 49 Ontario farmers every Saturday year round and a Market Carts program with over 30 arts and crafts vendors selling one-of-a-kind collectables, unique crafts, custom-designed jewellery and ethnic imports.